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Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department
Year : 1990
G.O. Ms. No. 1597 Dt: September 27, 1990   Download Icon 146KBCommunities - Scheduled Castes - The Constitution of (Scheduled Castes) orders - (Amendment) Act 1990 - Inclusion of Scheduled Caste Converts to Buddhism in the list of Scheduled Castes - Communicated for General Information - Orders - Issued
Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2020
G.O.Ms.No.489 Dt: November 19, 2020   Download Icon 92KBCOVID-19 – Formation of co-ordination mechanism at State and District level National Expert Group on Vaccination Administration for COVID-19 – Constituted - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.428 Dt: October 23, 2020   Download Icon 26KBCOVID-19 - Supply of liquid medical oxygen to various Institution of the DME - Sanction an amount of Rs.81,06,00,000/- to the DME, DMS - Deposit fund directly to the PD account of the TNMSC Ltd. - Orders - Issued.
Lr MS No.343 Dt: September 12, 2020   Download Icon 651KBChengalpattu Medical College - Starting of M.Ch Neuro Surgery course with annual intake of 04 seats per year at Chengalpattu Medical College, Chengalpattu, from the academic year 2021-2022.
Letter Ms.No. 331 Dt: September 08, 2020   Download Icon 851KBCOVID-19 - Prevention strategy -Tamil Nadu Public Health Act, 1939 - Amendment issued by an Ordinance on 04.09.2020 - Certain offences declared as compoundable viz., Violation of Quarantine measures, Non wearing of mask, Spitting in Public Places and Violation of Social Distancing - Appropriate authorities for collection of fine amounts - Declared- Follow up action Regarding
G.O Ms No.319 Dt: August 31, 2020   Download Icon 3MBCOVID-19-Health and Family Welfare Department-Comprehensive Guidlines for Covid-19-Revised Orders-Issued
G.O Ms No.297 Dt: August 13, 2020   Download Icon 53KBCOVID-19-Health and Family Welfare Department-Comprehensive Guidelines for COVID-19 -Orders Issued-Addendum-Issued
G.O Ms No.285 Dt: July 30, 2020   Download Icon 40KBCOVID-19- Health and Family Welfare Department-Comprehensive Guidelines for COVID-19-Order Issued-Addendum-Issued
G.O (D) No.669 Dt: July 29, 2020   Download Icon 77KBCOVID-19 - Permission to the Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine to conduct a Sero-survey using CLIA kit and lgG ELISA Test in Tamil Nadu - Granted - Orders - Issued
G.O Ms No.279 Dt: July 28, 2020   Download Icon 246KBCOVID-19 - Health and Family Welfare Department - Revised Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/ Pre-symptomatic/ asymptomatic COVID-19 cases- Orders -Issued
G.O (D) No.650 Dt: July 22, 2020   Download Icon 115KBCOVID-19 - Reconcilation Committee - To reconcile and streamline COVID-19 death report - Constituted - Regarding
Letterr (D) No.631/P1/2020 Dt: July 10, 2020   Download Icon 80KBCOVID-19 -Appointment of Nodal officers from Health and Family Welfare Department to supervise and co-ordinate specific activities - Addendum to the orders issued - Regarding
G.O (D) No.613 Dt: July 03, 2020   Download Icon 182KBCOVID-19 -Appointment of Nodal officers from Health and Family Welfare Department to supervise and coordinate specific activities - Orders - Issued
Letter No.15513/P1/2020 Dt: June 23, 2020   Download Icon 479KBCOVID-19 - Health and Family Welfare Department - Guidelines on Dead Body Management - Orders Issued - certain instructions - Regarding.
G.O.(Ms) No.250 Dt: June 17, 2020   Download Icon 55KBCOVID-19 - Standard Operating Procedure for Preventive Measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in offices in the State -Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms No.249 Dt: June 17, 2020   Download Icon 39KBCOVID-19-Health and Family Welfare Department-Comprehensive Guidelines for COVID-19-Orders-Amendment-Orders -Issued
GO Ms. No.244 Dt: June 09, 2020   Download Icon 168KBCOVID-19 Permission to the Director of Medical Education to engage Medical Officers, Lab Technician and Multi purpose Health Workers on outsourcing basis to the Government Medical Institutions in Tamil Nadu for a period of three months-Granted-Orders-Issued
G.O Ms No.238 Dt: June 05, 2020   Download Icon 105KBCOVID-19-Conduct of Study of effectiveness of BCG vaccine in Reducing Morbidity and Mortality in Elderly individuals between 60-95 years in COVID 19 Hotspots by ICMR-Permission-Granted-Orders-Issued
G.O Ms No.236 Dt: June 04, 2020   Download Icon 187KBCOVID-19 - Use of Hydroxy chloroquine for prophylaxis treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection for Health care workers and Asymtomatic contacts as per ICMR guidelines-Permission-Granted-Orders-Issued
GO Ms. No.230 Dt: June 02, 2020   Download Icon 87KBCommission-Constitution of Committee to assess and analyse the reasons for the less number of Government school students getting admissions in MBBS course-Extension of time-Orders-Issued