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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2020
GO MS No.65 Dt: February 18, 2020   Download Icon 121KBNational Health Mission - Appointment of two Data Entry Operators one each in Karur and Pudukottai Medical College Hospitals through District Health Society of Karur and Pudukottai District on outsourcing method - Permission Granted - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2019
GO.Ms.No.544 Dt: November 29, 2019   Download Icon 282KBNational Health Mission - Tamil Nadu - Grants-in-Aid for incentive under Asha Benefit Packages, Ayushman Bharat - Health and Wellness Centre under National Rural Health Mission, Other Health System for activities covered under National Rural Health Mission and Reproductive Child Health Flexible Pool including other programmes during the year 2019-20 released by Government of India - State and Central Share for a sum of Rs.168,25,00,000/- - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.542 Dt: November 29, 2019   Download Icon 217KBNational Health Mission – Creation of 152 posts of Assistant Surgeon, Staff Nurses and Multipurpose Hospital Workers for Strengthening the Maternity and Child Health Wings in the District Head Quarters Hospitals at Dindigul, Thiruvallur, Krishnagiri, Udagamandalam and Sub-District Hospital at Mayiladuthurai – Administrative Sanction – Orders - issued.
GO MS No.539 Dt: November 29, 2019   Download Icon 3MBNational Health Mission – Strengthening of Paediatric Emergency Care System in Tamil Nadu– Establishment of Paediatric Resuscitation Emergency Medicine units under Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative (TAEI) in the name of PREM – Orders - Issued
GO.Ms.No.543 Dt: November 29, 2019   Download Icon 216KBNational Health Mission - Strengthening of CEmONC centres – Sanction of 161 posts of Assistant Professor, Staff Nurses (Regular and Contract) and Multipurpose Hospital Workers to 6 Medical College Hospitals under National Health Mission as per ROP approval 2019-2020 –Administration Sanction - Orders issued.
GO.Ms.No.541 Dt: November 29, 2019   Download Icon 274KBNational Health Mission - Establishment of the Pain and Palliative care Units in 17 Medical College Hospitals and Creation of 68 posts of Staff Nurses (Regular and Contract) and 34 posts of Palliative care Hospital Workers through outsourcing - Administrative Sanction - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.530 Dt: November 26, 2019   Download Icon 69KBNational Health Mission – Tamil Nadu – Constitution of Committee for examine and recommend exempting the procurement related to State Prevalence Survey for TB free Tamil Nadu 2025 from the open tendering – Orders – Issued.
GO.Ms.No.526 Dt: November 21, 2019   Download Icon 115KBNational Health Mission – Tamil Nadu – National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme – Constitution of State Steering Committee for prepare and implement the National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme – Orders – Issued.
GO.Ms.No.522 Dt: November 19, 2019   Download Icon 125KBNational Health Mission – Tamil Nadu – Grants-in-Aid for Other Health System covered under National Urban Health Mission and Ayusman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centre under National Urban Health Mission Flexible Pool during the year 2019-20 released by Government of India – State and Central Share for a sum of Rs. 11,10,00,000/- - Sanctioned – Orders – Issued.
GO.Ms.No.517 Dt: November 13, 2019   Download Icon 214KBNational Health Mission – Tamil Nadu – Grants-in-Aid for 1st and 2nd installment of Flexible Pool for Communicable Diseases (NDCP) and 1st tranche of incentives under Flexible Pool for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) during the year 2019-20 released by Government of India – State and Central Share for a sum of Rs.39,80,00,000/- - Sanctioned – Orders – Issued.
GO.Ms.No.498 Dt: November 05, 2019   Download Icon 141KBNational Health Mission - Establishment of Dementia Day Care Centre with 10 beds at Emergency Care and Recovery Centre under District Mental Health Programme - Permission - Orders- Issued.
GO MS No.497 Dt: November 04, 2019   Download Icon 185KBNursing Establishment - Staff Nurse Counseling to be conducted through online - Administrative and Financial Sanction for Software Development and Maintenance for Online Counseling for Staff Nurse - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.486 Dt: October 24, 2019   Download Icon 142KBNational Health Mission - Tamil Nadu – Appointment of Dr.S.Gurunathan, Director of Medical and Rural Health Services (ESI) as Ex-officio State Programme Manager (TAEI), National Health Mission - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.463 Dt: October 14, 2019   Download Icon 176KBNational Health Mission – Permission to hire the services of the National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai to provide technical support and evaluate the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke program in Tamil Nadu and to enter Memorandum of Understanding with Director, National Institute of Epidemiology for finalizing the operational guideline to carry out the collaboration- Accorded- Orders-Issued.
GO.Ms.No.462 Dt: October 14, 2019   Download Icon 187KBNational Health Mission – State Health Society – Tamil Nadu – Civil Works – Construction of New Buildings in 16 Primary Health Centres and Upgraded Primary Health Centres – Revised Administrative sanction - Additional funds for a sum of Rs.979.31 lakhs - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.453 Dt: October 11, 2019   Download Icon 47KBNational Health Mission - Sanction of Ten Histopathology Technicians posts for the free Pathology labs in District Head Quarters Hospitals in 10 districts – Amendment - Orders– Issued.
GO.Ms.No.436 Dt: October 01, 2019   Download Icon 190KBNational Health Mission – Creation of one post of Additional Director on temporary basis and three posts of Human Resource Consultant for Human Resource Wing through outsourcing under National Health Mission - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.438 Dt: October 01, 2019   Download Icon 645KBNational Health Mission – State Health Society - Implementation of Essential Diagnostics Services System (EDSS) in all Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare Institutions in Tamil Nadu implementation of the scheme as Pilot project in Tiruvallur District – Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.437 Dt: October 01, 2019   Download Icon 186KBNational Health Mission- State Health Society - National Program for Health care of Elderly (NPHCE) – 385 posts of Physiotherapists through outsourcing to 385 Community Health Centres under National Program for Health Care of Elderly – Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.
GO.Ms.No.440 Dt: October 01, 2019   Download Icon 152KBNational Health Mission – Tamil Nadu – Grants-in-Aid for Liquidation of arrears of 2017-18 for implementation of Infrastructure Maintenance Programme for the year 2019-20 released by Government of India – State Share for a sum of Rs.182,33,44,667/- Sanctioned – Orders – Issued.