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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2018
GO MS No.241 Dt: June 25, 2018   Download Icon 207KBNational Programme for Prevention and Management of Burn Injuries (NPPMBI) – Establishment of Burns unit in Thanjavur Medical College Hospital, Thanjavur – Financial Sanction towards construction of building and procurement of equipment – Sanctioned – Orders – Issued.
GO MS No.233 Dt: June 18, 2018   Download Icon 95KBNational Health Mission – State Health Society – Tamil Nadu –Sanction of Rs.12.00 crore for Civil works in respect of 25 Primary Health Centers - Orders - Issued.
GO MS No.181 Dt: May 15, 2018   Download Icon 257KBNational Health Mission- Tamil Nadu-Mental Health-Establishment of Emergency Care and Recovery Centres in the five District Head Quarters Hospitals at a cost of Rs. 340.16 lakh -Sanctioned -Orders -Issued
GO MS No.153 Dt: April 25, 2018   Download Icon 230KBNational Health Mission-State Health Society-Tamil Nadu Various civil works- Administrative sanction for construction of four Maternity Blocks, civil works for upgradation of twelve Primary Health Centres upgradation of infrastructure in Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (CEmONC) Centres/ FRUs - Additional wards for FRUs-Sanctioned -Orders-Issued
GO MS No.150 Dt: April 24, 2018   Download Icon 207KBNational Health Mission-State Health Society- Tamil Nadu-Establishment of State Programme Management Unit for Universal Health Care and Maternal Child Health Wing at the office of Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine under National Health Mission-Sanctioned-Orders-Issued
GO MS No. 146 Dt: April 24, 2018   Download Icon 329KBNational Health Mission-Establishment of ten Palliative Care Units in Kanchipuram, Coimbatore, Villupuram, Vellor, Thanjavur, Erode, Trichy, Salem, Tirunelveli and Kanniyakumari- Sanctioned-Orders-Issued
GO MS No.127 Dt: April 11, 2018   Download Icon 174KBNational Health Mission- Reproductive Child Health -Centre of Excellence in Trichy and Tirunelveli Medical College Hospitals- Posts Obstetricians and Gynaecologits , Anaesthetists, Paediatricians and Staff Nurses- Sanctioned -Orders-Issued
GO MS No.110 Dt: March 28, 2018   Download Icon 101KBNational Health Mission-State Health Society- Tamil Nadu- Changing the nomenclature of the 169 posts of Medical Officer/ Assistant Surgeons sanctioned to certain Government Medical College Hospitals as Senior Resident-Amendment-Orders-Issued.
GO MS No.61 Dt: February 16, 2018   Download Icon 97KBNational Health Mission - State Health Society - Tamil Nadu - Upgradation of 9 Primary Health Centres under National Health Mission funds - Sanction - Orders - Issued.
GO MS No.60 Dt: February 15, 2018   Download Icon 188KBNational Health Mission -State Health Society -Tamil Nadu- Creation of post of Hospital Manager is 31 Government Hospitals under the control of Director of Medical and Rural Health services-Orders issued -Regarding
GO MS No.38 Dt: February 01, 2018   Download Icon 236KBNational Health Mission - State Health Society - Tamil Nadu - Civil Works - Construction of New Buildings to Primary Health Centre Vanavasi, Salem District Revised Administrative Sanction - Orders - Issued.
GO MS No.22 Dt: January 17, 2018   Download Icon 215KBNational Health Mission - State Health Society - Release fund from National Health Mission to initiate and implement the Group / Team incentive from Accredited Social Health Activists, ANM and Anganwadi Workers (AWW) through Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine as per National Health Mission Government of India guidelines - Permission granted - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2016
G.O.(MS) No.113 Dt: March 04, 2016   Download Icon 410KBNational Health Mission- SHS- TN creation of 5 new Primary Health Centres under National Rural Health Mission for the year 2014-15- Orderw -Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.110 Dt: March 03, 2016   Download Icon 248KBNHM - SHS- TN- Revision of Sharing pattern under NHM as 60/40 from the Financial year 2015-16 on wards - Difference of State share against the Govt of India share in various schemes - sanction Rs.182,85,04,335/- (Rupees One hundred eighty two crore eighty five lakh four thousand three hundred and thirty five only) - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.104 Dt: March 03, 2016   Download Icon 325KBNHM-SHS-Tamil Nadu- Establishment of 10 new Primary HealthCentres in 2015-2016 with NHM funds.
G.O.(MS) No.56 Dt: February 17, 2016   Download Icon 75KBNursing Establishment - Tamil Nadu Medical Service - Nomenclature of the post of Assistant Lecturer sanctioned to the College of Nursing, Madras Medical College, Chennai c hanged as Nursing Tutor II Grade - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2015
G.O.(MS) No.216 Dt: July 24, 2015   Download Icon 247KBNHM - SHS - TN - Civil works 2013-14 - Upgradation of 60 Primary Health Centres in 2013-14 - Construction of new buildings to 60 UG Primary Health Centres-reg.
G.O.(MS) No.215 Dt: July 24, 2015   Download Icon 116KBNHM -SHS - TN - Civil works 2013-14 and 2014-15 - Construction of Hostel Buildings in Government Hospitals Tirupur and Government Medical College, Tirunelveli -Fund Rs.951.39 lakhs approved for civil works in 2014-15 - Remittance into Government account - Sanctioned Orders -Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.209 Dt: July 21, 2015   Download Icon 181KBNHM - SHS - TN -Strengthening of infrastructure of Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu - Sanction of a sum of Rs.1125.00 lakhs approved for Civil works in 2015-16 - Released by Government of India and remitted into Government account - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.195 Dt: July 08, 2015   Download Icon 167KBNHM - SHS - TN Civil Works 2013-14 and 14-15 - Extension of Director of Medical and Rural Health Services Annex Building - Construction of 6th and 7th floor - Fund of Rs.99.00 lakh approved for 2014-15 - Sanction Orders - Issued.