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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2015
G.O.(MS) No.193 Dt: July 07, 2015   Download Icon 146KBNHM - SHS -TN - Civil works 2013-14 and 2014-2015 - construction of new buildings to 39 Health Sub Centre - Revision of construction cost - from 15 lakhs to 18 lakhs - Fund Rs. 409.50 lakhs approved for Civil works in 2014-15 - Remittance into Government account- Sanction Orders -Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.191 Dt: July 07, 2015   Download Icon 187KBNHM - SHS - TN - Civil Works 2013-2014 and 2014 and 2015 - Providing additional buildings to 9 secondary care Hospitals High Priority Districts - Funds of Rs. 570.00 lakh approved for Civil Works in 2015-16 - Remitted into Government account - Sanctioned Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.192 Dt: July 07, 2015   Download Icon 176KBNHM - SHS - TN - Civil works 2013-14 and 2014-15 - Construction of Maternity Blocks in 214 Primary Health Centres - funds of Rs. 3959.00 lakhs approved for Civil works in 2015-16 - Remitted into Government account - Sanctioned Orde3rs - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.180 Dt: June 26, 2015   Download Icon 242KBNHM - SHS -TN - Civil works 2013-14 - Strengthening of infrastructure of Govt. Hospitals - Fund Rs. 1824.20 lakhs approved for in the year 2014-15 Remitted into GoI account - Sanction -Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.178 Dt: June 24, 2015   Download Icon 142KBNHM- SHS -TN - Civil works 2013-14 - Strengthening of Tertyiary Care Institutions - Construction of Comprehensive CEMONC Block in GMCH Sivaganga - Rs. 100.00 lakhs approved for 2014-15 - Sanctioned -Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.41 Dt: February 16, 2015   Download Icon 74KBNational Ayush Mission - Constitution of State Ayush Society - Orders - Issued - Amendment - Issued.
G.O.(D).No.111 Dt: January 29, 2015   Download Icon 113KBNCCP - RGGG Hospital, Chennai -Revised Administrative Sanction of Rs. 1.903 crore towards the State Govt. Share for the construction of buildings under the TCC Scheme - sanctioned - orders- issued.
G.O.(MS).No.3 Dt: January 05, 2015   Download Icon 542KBNUHM - Constitution of State/District Urban Health Mission, Chennai Corporation and Nine Other Corporation under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975- Orders - Issued.
Year : 2014
G.O.(MS).No.429 Dt: December 23, 2014   Download Icon 48KBNew Announced made on the floor of the Legislative Assembly by then Hon ble Minister (Health) during the Budget speech for the year 2006-2007- Construciton of 50 bedded inpatient ward to the Government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College, functioning in the Arignar Anna Government Hospital Complex, Chennai-Expenditure-Sanctioned Orders - Issued – Amendment - Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.400 Dt: December 16, 2014   Download Icon 412KBNursing Establishment – Conversion of post of Nurses under contract category into regular post in a fixed ratio – Orders – Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.394 Dt: December 12, 2014   Download Icon 644KBNational AYUSH Mission -Constitution of State Ayush Society – Orders -Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.387 Dt: December 09, 2014   Download Icon 144KBNRHM-SHS - TN -Civil Works 2011-12 - Strengthening of Regional Training Centres with Skill Laboratory at a total cost of Rs. 100.00 lakhs - Sanctioned - orders -Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.368 Dt: November 24, 2014   Download Icon 100KBNRHM-State Health Society,Tamil Nadu- Appointment of 172 Family Planning Counselors in the 110 Post Partum Centres-Ratification Orders-Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.364 Dt: November 20, 2014   Download Icon 143KBNursing Establishment – Enhancing Monthly Contract Payment for Nurses Working in Government Medical College/Hospitals/Institutions Under the control of the Directorate of Medical Education on par with the Pay of Contract Nurses working under NRHM and CEmONC Schemes – Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.197 Dt: July 01, 2014   Download Icon 98KBNursing Education – Annai Sri Aurobindo Educational Trust - C hange of site of Sri Aurobindo School of Nursing from Athur Village to a new site at TNPL Road, Punnamchatram, Karur District – Permission Granted - Orders – Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.180 Dt: June 24, 2014   Download Icon 164KBNursing Education Annai Sri Aurobindo Educational Trust - C hange of site of Sri Aurobindo College of Nursing from Athur Village to TNPL Road Punnamchatram Karur District - Permission granted - Orders - Issued
Highways and Minor Ports Department
Year : 2019
G.O. (Ms) No. 68 Dt: July 10, 2019   Download Icon 5MBNational Highways – Tirunelveli (NH) Circle - Administrative and Financial sanction for a sum of Rs.75.36 crore towards acquisition of land for construction of flyover at Km.2/0-4/4 of NH 47B (Vadaseri – Oluginaseri) including approaches - Accorded - Orders - issued.
G.O. (D) No.118 Dt: July 06, 2019   Download Icon 3MBNH - Salem (NH) Circle – OMP.No.289/2015 filed by MORTH, Government of India before the High Court, Delhi – Permission to engage Thiru.D.Balaraman, Advocate – Accorded – Orders – Issued.
G.O. (Ms) No. 28 Dt: March 04, 2019   Download Icon 200KBNational Highways – Tirunelveli (NH) Circle – Nagercoil (NH) Division – Thuckalay (NH), Sub–division - Administrative sanction for a sum of Rs.18.00 crore for acquisition of land for the “Construction of fly over at Km 619/2-620/2 of NH 47 (Thuckalay) - Accorded - Orders - issued.
Year : 2018
G.O. (Ms) No.213 Dt: December 14, 2018   Download Icon 2MBNational Highways – Centrally Sponsored Scheme – Revamped Central Road Fund Scheme for the year 2018-19 – Administrative approval accorded by the Government of India, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for 71 works –Financial sanction of the State Government – Accorded – Orders – Issued.