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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2015
G.O.(MS) No.301 Dt: October 06, 2015   Download Icon 112KBTNMS - Refitment to the Medical Officers in Health and Family Welfare Department - Orders Issued - Clarificatory orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.274 Dt: September 07, 2015   Download Icon 493KBTamil Nadu Medical Service - Branch I - Medical Class V - Pharmacy - Teaching Posts - C hange of nomenclature and qualifications as per AICTE Norms - Amendment to Special Rules - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(2D) No.69 Dt: August 24, 2015   Download Icon 95KBTamil Nadu Health System Project - Ending of project implementation period on 15th September 2015 - Conducting of Project Completion Review Workshop - orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.250 Dt: August 18, 2015   Download Icon 617KBThiruvannamalai Medical College and Hospital, Thiruvannamalai - Government Head Quarters Hospital, Thiruvannamalai functioning under the control of the Director of Medical and Rural Health Services transferred to the Administrative control of Director of Medical Education - Refitting the existing post as per MCI norms - Redesignation Orders - Issued.
G.O.(2D) No.60 Dt: August 07, 2015   Download Icon 68KBTNMS - Master of Public Health course for two years at National Institute of Epidemiology (ICMR), Chennai - Deputing of Medical Officers during the academic session commencing from July 2015 to June 2017 - Permission - Granted - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.213 Dt: July 24, 2015   Download Icon 162KBTamil Nadu State illness Assistance Society- Financial assistance to the poor people for life saving operation from the Tamil Nadu State illness Assistance Society Fund - Orders Issued.
G.O.(MS) No.199 Dt: July 10, 2015   Download Icon 137KBTNHSP - Establishment of Free Hearse Van Services in Government Medical Institutions - Continuation of the Free Hearse Van Services on Public Private Partnership mode with the IRCS - Tamil Nadu Branch for a period of 2 years from 03.02.2015 - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(D) No.892 Dt: July 07, 2015   Download Icon 129KBTRANSTAN - Allocation of funds for transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu out of the incentive funds available under the CM health insurance scheme-proportion of Government Hospitals - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.162 Dt: June 09, 2015   Download Icon 139KBTamil Nadu Medical Services - Classification of posts of Assistant Lecturer/Assistant Medical Officers (Siddha/Ayurveda/Unani and Homoeopathy under the ISM in TNMS as Executive posts - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.148 Dt: May 18, 2015   Download Icon 182KBTraining- Public Health and Preventive Medicine - One year in-service training to VHN / ANM to strengthen midwifery services - approved in ROP 2014-15 - Permission - Granted - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.133 Dt: April 29, 2015   Download Icon 126KBTamil Nadu Medical Service - S election of candidates for temporary appointment to the post of Assistant Surgeon (Dental) (Speciality) through Medical Services Recruitment Board - Orders - Amendment - Issued.
G.O.(D).No.530 Dt: April 23, 2015   Download Icon 115KBTampcol - Deciding of Service charge for procurement activities of Tampcol as Nodal Agency - Constitution of sub-Committee - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.94 Dt: March 25, 2015   Download Icon 174KBTNMS - Appointment of Teaching faculties in certain non-clinical and other scarce categories on contract basis after retirement - Enhacing the consolidated amount to Rs.90,000/- per month - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.29 Dt: January 30, 2015   Download Icon 123KBTamil Nadu Medical services - Filling up of the post of Mass Education and Information Officer during the year 2014-2015 by promotion and by the method of recruitment by transfer-Temporary appointment - Orders-Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.28 Dt: January 29, 2015   Download Icon 149KBTamil Nadu Medical Service – Admission of service candidates to Post Graduate Course in quasi Government / Government of India Institutions like the Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University and Government of India Institutions like ESI – Increase of supernumerary posts from 8 to 12 for claiming of salary – Orders – Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.8 Dt: January 14, 2015   Download Icon 152KBTNMS- Appointment of teaching Faculties in non-clinical and other scarece categories on contract basis after retirement - up to the age of 70 years order issued.
G.O.(Rt).No.35 Dt: January 08, 2015   Download Icon 65KBTamil Nadu Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1973 - Dr.M.Anandababu, Professor of Opthalmology, Madras Medical College /Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai - No Objection Certificate to go to the United Arab Emirates as a tourist from 15.1.2015 to 20.1.2015 - Permission granted - Earned Leave Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2014
G.O.(MS).No.444 Dt: December 30, 2014   Download Icon 158KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project – Emergency Management Services - Incentive payment at Rs.400/- per month per person to the Emergency Management Technicians and Pilots ambulances in the 108 Emergency Management Service – Orders -Issued.
G.O.(MS).No.407 Dt: December 16, 2014   Download Icon 78KBTamil Nadu Medical Service – Creation of one regular post of Special Officer cum Dean at New Government Medical College at Block – B of the Omandurar Government Estate - Orders Issued.
G.O.(3D).No.134 Dt: December 15, 2014   Download Icon 187KBTamil Nadu Medical Service – Temporary appointment of candidates s elected by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission during 2008-2009 as Assistant Surgeons (Dental) – Regularization of temporary services - Orders – Issued.