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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2014
G.O.(D).No.1351 Dt: December 08, 2014   Download Icon 98KBTemporary post of one Staff Nurse and one Hospital Worker attached to GH, Ramanathapuram Dist - Ratification for having claimed the pay bill - Revival and Further Continuance of the post for the period from the date of joining to 30.09.2015 - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(2D).No.124 Dt: November 05, 2014   Download Icon 121KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project - Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme - deposit premium of Rs.40,00,000/- for District Kiosk Enrolment – Sanctioned - Orders -Issued.
G.O.(4D).No.11 Dt: October 29, 2014   Download Icon 86KBTransfer of the existing RMO quarters building and 0.64 Acres of land in Government Hospital Campus, Villupuram to Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine for the Utilization of office buildings for Deputy Director (Health Services) office, Villupuram - Orders - Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.350 Dt: October 29, 2014   Download Icon 77KBTraining Sagayamatha Multipurpose Health Worker (Female) Training School, Tiruchirapalli - Enhancement of intake of students from fifteen to thirty from the academic year 2014-15 permission - granted - orders - issued.
G.O.(2D).No.122 Dt: October 24, 2014   Download Icon 701KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project – Proposal for establishment of 24 Hours Comprehensive Emergency Orthopaedic and Trauma Care Centre in 59 Hospital - approved - Orders -Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.338 Dt: October 24, 2014   Download Icon 64KBTemporary post of Health Education Instructor - Adhoc Rules - Amended - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(D).No.1088 Dt: October 23, 2014   Download Icon 123KBTamil Nadu Medical Service – Compulsory transfer to Medical Officers from Tamil Nadu Government Dental College to other Government Medical College – Orders – Issued.
G.O.(3D).No.116 Dt: October 23, 2014   Download Icon 101KBTamil Nadu Medical Service – Temporary appointment of candidates s elected by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission during 2006-07 as Assistant Surgeon (Dental) – Regularization of temporary services - Orders – Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.331 Dt: October 21, 2014   Download Icon 148KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project – Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme – Creation of Corpus Fund to help the needy and poor people who undergo specialized Surgeries under the Scheme – Revision of sharing pattern to reimbursement accruing to the Government Hospitals under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme – Orders – Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.330 Dt: October 21, 2014   Download Icon 194KBTamil Nadu State Illness Assistance Society - Financial assistance to the poor people for life saving operation from the Tamil Nadu State Illness Assistance Society Fund - Orders - Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.334 Dt: October 21, 2014   Download Icon 132KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project – Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme – Sanction of one post of Chief Accounts Officer and Accounts Assistant to the State Health Insurance Unit - Orders -Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.322 Dt: October 17, 2014   Download Icon 141KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project – Staff Nurses Working in Project Hospitals and Primary Health Centres – Enhancement of Contract Salary – Orders – Issued.
G.O.(4D).No.9 Dt: September 26, 2014   Download Icon 236KBTamil Nadu Medical Service – S election of 36 candidates for temporary appointment to the post of Assistant Surgeon (Dental-Speciality) through the Medical Services Recruitment Board – Ordered - Amendment Orders – Issued.
G.O.(D).No.975 Dt: September 26, 2014   Download Icon 95KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project –Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance - Joint Learning Network (JLN) for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) – Self assessment tool work with financial and technical support from JLN – Permission - Orders issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.286 Dt: September 23, 2014   Download Icon 181KBTamil Nadu Medical Service - Post of Deputy Director of Medical Education (Nursing), O/o the Director of Medical Education - Upgradation as Additional Director of Medical Education (Nursing), O/o the Director of Medical Education - Orders - Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.284 Dt: September 19, 2014   Download Icon 119KBTamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society – Release of Grants –in-aid under Global Fund (RD-II) for Implementation of National AIDS Control Programme (NACP-IV) Central Assistance to State Plans Schemes during 2014-15 – Sanctioned – Orders – Issued.
G.o.(Ms).No.282 Dt: September 16, 2014   Download Icon 139KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project - Chief Minister s Comprehenwsive Health Insurance Scheme - Contract Staff Payment of remuneration from March 2014 onwards - Fund allotted for the year 2014-15 - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms).No.279 Dt: September 15, 2014   Download Icon 2MBTamil Nadu Medical Service - Filling up the vacancies in the post of Assistant Surgeon in various Specialty Department in Tamil Nadu Medical Services by walk in sel ection process - Orders - Issued
G.o.(D).No.910 Dt: September 10, 2014   Download Icon 107KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project - Draft Guidelines for Blood Transfusion in Obstetric Practice in CEmONC and other Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu – Approved - Orders issued.
G.o.(D).No.906 Dt: September 09, 2014   Download Icon 102KBTelephones – Health and Family Welfare Department – Directorate of Medical Education, Chennai – Permit to incur the expenditure towards the Telephone charges of 7 Telephone lines from the State Budget instead of Personal Deposit account of the S election Committee Fund – Orders – Issued.