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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2021
G.O. (Ms) No.272 Dt: June 03, 2021   Download Icon 275KBTamil Nadu Medical Subordinate Services - Appointment of Para Personnel on contract basis in Government Medical Institutions under the Director of Medical Education for COVID-19 exigencies - Orders - Issued
G.O.(Ms).No.262 Dt: June 02, 2021   Download Icon 878KBMucormycosis diseases - Treatment protocol for patients with Mucormycosis infection - Approved - Orders - Issued
G.O Ms.No. 257 Dt: May 31, 2021   Download Icon 2MBCOVID-19 Pandemic - Treatment protocol for patients with corona virus infection - Ordered - Amendment - Issued
G.O.(Ms).No.255 Dt: May 26, 2021   Download Icon 28KBInfectious Diseases - MUCORMYCOSIS - Notified Disease - Task Force - Constituted - Orders - issued
GO (Ms) No.254 Dt: May 24, 2021   Download Icon 607KBMedical Education - Pursuing of Compulsory Rotary Internship Training - Orders Issued for 80 Foreign Medical Graduates- Re-accommodation of 80 Foreign Medical Graduates to the Institutions under the control of Director of Medical Education - Permitted - Orders - Issued
G.O Ms.No. 252 Dt: May 22, 2021   Download Icon 110KBPublic Health and Preventive Medicine - Immunization - COVID Vaccination for individuals in the age group of 18-44 - Orders - Issued.
G.O (Ms) No. 248 Dt: May 20, 2021   Download Icon 430KBTamil Nadu Medical Services - Covid 19 exigencies - Appointment of 2100 Medical Officers Temporarily - On Contract Basis - For a Period of 6 Months in Government Medical College Hospitals andm attached institutions - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued
G.O (Ms) No.242 Dt: May 18, 2021   Download Icon 473KBCOVID-19 -Task Force Committee - On Allocation, Supply and Distribution of Medical Oxygen in Tamil Nadu - Constituted - Orders Issued
G.O (Ms) No.240 Dt: May 14, 2021   Download Icon 555KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project - Uniform rates for Patient Transport Ambulance / Basic Life Support Ambulance (BLS) / Advance Life Support Ambulance (ALS) - Fixed - Orders - Issued.
G.O (Ms) No. 239 Dt: May 13, 2021   Download Icon 2MBCOVID-19 Pandemic - Treatment protocol for patients with corona virus infection - Ordered - Amendment - Issued
GO (Ms) No.234 Dt: May 11, 2021   Download Icon 110KBCOVID-19 pandemic - Treatment protocol for patients with corona virus infection - Ordered - Amedment - Issued
G.O Ms.No. 233 Dt: May 10, 2021   Download Icon 568KBCOVID-19 pandemic - Treatment protocol for patients with corona virus infection - Approved - Orders - Issued
G.O.(2D) No. 91 Dt: May 05, 2021   Download Icon 30KBEstablishment - Public Health - Multipurpose Health Worker (Male ) -1646 numbers of Multi Purpose Health Worker (Male) engaged for prevention and control of COVID-19 Pandemic through outsourcing - Extend the contact period - Permission - Granted - Orders - Issued.
G.O. (Ms) No.214 Dt: April 28, 2021   Download Icon 108KBMedical Education - Permission to start two year course of Fellowship Programme in National Board (FNB) in Paediatric Hemato - Oncology at Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children, chennai-Orders - Issued
G.O (Ms) No. 213 Dt: April 27, 2021   Download Icon 773KBMedical Education - Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship Training - Revising the existing norms for compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI) training of final year MBBS students of Self Financing Private Medical College Students as well as Foreign Medical Graduates - Orders Issued.
G.O(Ms) No. 203 Dt: April 15, 2021   Download Icon 2MBFamily Welfare Programme - Permanent Medical Boards in Medical College Hospitals to examine Medical Termination of Pregnancy cases referred from the Courts as directed by the Supreme Court Of India - Constituted - Orders - Issued.
G.O (Ms) No. 200 Dt: April 07, 2021   Download Icon 549KBRules- Tamil Nadu Public Health Subordinate Service - Post of Statistical Assistant Educational Qualification for direct recruitment - Amendment to the Special Rules - Issued.
LR. No. 7259 Dt: March 09, 2021   Download Icon 560KBCOVID 19 – Health and Family Welfare department – Comprehensive Guidelines for COVID 19 – Orders Issued – Clarification on TN e-Registration.
G.O Ms. No. 139 Dt: March 04, 2021   Download Icon 22KBCOVID-19 – Health and Family Welfare Department – Comprehensive Guidelines for COVID-19 – Orders Issued – Amendments – Issued
G.O. (Ms) No.49 Dt: March 02, 2021   Download Icon 130KBEquipment Procurement of Equipment for Blood Component Separation Unit for strengthening the Blood bank and Transfusion Medicine Department, Government Medical College Hospital attached to Government Medical College, Omandurar Government Estate (Block-B), Chennai - Adminstrative and Financial Sanction - Orders - Issued