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Home, Prohibition and Excise Department
Year : 2019
Police Note No. SC/13/2019 Dt: May 31, 2019   Download Icon 297KBTransfers and Postings of IPS Officers
Police Note No. SC/8/2019 Dt: March 09, 2019   Download Icon 833KBPromotions, Transfers and Postings of IPS Officers
Police Note No. SC/7/2019 Dt: March 06, 2019   Download Icon 925KBPromotions, Transfers and Postings of IPS and Non IPS officers
Police Note No. SC/5/2019 Dt: February 20, 2019   Download Icon 103KBModification of the orders issued in Police Note No. SC/4/2019 dated 19.2.2019
Year : 2018
Police Note No. SC/20/2018 Dt: December 12, 2018   Download Icon 665KBPostings of Assistant Superintendents of Police who have reported to duty on completion of their Foundation Course
Police Note No. SC/18/2018 Dt: November 03, 2018   Download Icon 269KBPromotions, Transfers and Postings of IPS Officers.
G.O.(Ms).No.62 Dt: October 01, 2018   Download Icon 3MBSand Offences - Illegal quarrying, smuggling and selling of sand – Invoking of Act 14 of 1982 against the Government servants who are abetting the commission of crime of sand smuggling – Instruction to law enforcing authorities and Government Servants – Instruction - Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.1442, Home (SC) Department Dt: September 14, 2018   Download Icon 96KBMEDALS - Award of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Medal for Excellence in Finger Print Science on the occasion of the Birthday of Dr Anna on 15th September, 2018 - Publication of Notification - Ordered.