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Concerned Department : BC, MBC & Minorities Welfare Department
Concerned District : All Districts
Organisation Name : --
Scheme Details
Title / Name : Micro-Finance.
Associated Scheme :
Sponsored By : State
Funding Pattern :
Beneficiaries : Students
Benefits Types : Education Benefits
Eligibility criteria
Income : --
Age : --
Community : --
Other Details : --
How To Avail : --
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On :
Valid Upto : --
Description : Schemes of BC, MBC dept Micro-Finance. The Maximum loan amount of Rs.10,000 is sanctioned per individual member of Minority Self Help Group The Maximum and Minimum numbers in the SHG is as follows: The Maximum: 20 Nos. The Minimum :10 Nos. The Minority Self Help Group must have a minimum of 60% Minorities and balance numbers may be BC/SC, etc, All the beneficiaries are eligible for this loan. The rate of interest is 4% The SHG to be eligible for the loan should be practicing thrift and credit for at least 6 months.