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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2015
G.O.(D).No.267 Dt: February 25, 2015   Download Icon 134KBEstablishment - Contract doctors working in Medical College and Hospitals - Contract payment sanctioned - Orders -Issued.
Year : 2014
G.o.(Ms).No.317 Dt: October 16, 2014   Download Icon 207KBEstablishment –Various Medical College and Hospitals – 6 Contract Medical Doctors- Contract basis – Salary – Sanctioned – Orders –Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.172 Dt: June 19, 2014   Download Icon 316KBEquipments – Permission to utilize the sanctioned amount for purchase of New furniture to the newly built Lecture Hall and Examination Hall instead of replacing the old furniture in Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital, Chengalpattu – Accorded – Orders - Issued.
Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department
G.O.(D) No.184 Dt: May 23, 2014   Download Icon 79KBEstablishment – Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department – Engineering Wing – Appointment of Road Inspector Grade-II / Overseers / Junior Drafting Officer – Persons who crossed the age limit at the time of their appointment – Ratification – Orders
Public (Elections) Department
Year : 2015
Letter No.3175/2015-224 Dt: June 11, 2015   Download Icon 82KBELECTIONS - Bye-election to Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from 11. Dr.Radhakrishnan Nagar Assembly Constituency - Exit Poll - Election Commissions instructions - regarding.